Thursday 3/8: NYC Public Advocate Letitia James

Thursday 4/5: Manhattan Boro President Gale Brewer

8am at the Penn Club 30 W. 44th Street!

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More info: Alexandra Byrne

As members of GAP, we should always speak about the positive aspects of our profession. Lobbyists represent mayors, nurses, policemen, subway conductors, hospitals, cultural institutions, parent groups, subway commuters, Wall Street brokers, mentally infirmed people, students, teachers, principals, government agencies and people of many other descriptions. As highlighted in a past Newsweek column by Robert J. Samuelson, lobbyists perform a legitimate function, assisting people to petition government as is their constitutional right. I wish this were a laughing matter (click here for recent comics) but it is not. Remember: everyone is special. Every interest is a special interest.

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